Samples of business plans in nigeria things

Job Family - Finance Partnering Provides financial information and insight for forecasting, planning and controlling costs to the business. May be responsible for budgetary control system and business performance analysis.

Samples of business plans in nigeria things

Nigeria 1 Environmental Policy and its Enforcement 1. The basis of environmental policy in Nigeria is contained in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Pursuant to section 20 of the Constitution, the State is empowered to protect and improve the environment and safeguard the water, air and land, forest and wildlife of Nigeria. In addition to this, section 2 of the Environmental Impact Assessment Act of EIA Act provides that the public or private sector of the economy shall not undertake or embark on or authorise projects or activities without prior consideration of the effect on the environment.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has promulgated various laws and Regulations to safeguard the Nigerian environment. Harmful Wastes Special Criminal Provisions etc. Act of Harmful Wastes Act.

samples of business plans in nigeria things

However, pursuant to the FEPA Act, each State and local government in the country may set up its own environmental protection body for the protection and improvement of the environment within the State. Each State is also empowered to make laws to protect the environment within its jurisdiction.

All the States have environmental agencies and State laws; e. Lagos State has also enacted the Environmental Pollution Control Law, to provide for the control of pollution and protection of the environment from abuse due to poor waste management.

This Agency is charged with responsibilities which include identifying and proffering solutions to environmental protection problems in Akwa Ibom, and monitoring and enforcing environmental protection standards and regulations. The EIA Act was promulgated principally to enable the prior consideration of environmental impact assessment of public or private projects.

All such Reports must be approved by the FME. Attached to the EIA Act is a schedule of activities and industries for which environmental impact assessments are mandatory.

Any person who fails to comply with the provisions of the EIA Act commits an offence and is liable on conviction, in the case of an individual, to a fine or to a term of imprisonment for up to five years; and fines are also imposed on guilty firms or corporations.

Furthermore, the FEPA Act empowers the FME to require the production for examination of any licence or permit granted to any person, to enter and search any land or building, and to arrest any person whom they have reason to believe has violated any environmental regulation.

The approach of regulatory agencies is the prevention of environmental damages, the regulation of potentially harmful activities and the punishment of wilful harmful damage whenever this occurs.

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The environmental agencies also adopt the approach of engaging individuals and communities at risk of potential environmental damage in dialogue. The EIA approval process adopted by the FME involves a system of public hearings during the EIA evaluation process and interested members of the public are invited to such hearings.

The respective State environmental agencies in Nigeria, e. Public authorities are statutorily required to inform the public of environment-related issues. The FEPAAct requires FEPAto collect and make available through publications and other appropriate means, and in cooperation with public or private organisations, information pertaining to pollution and environmental protection regulations.

The EIA Act provides for the maintenance of a Public Registry for the purpose of facilitating public access to records relating to environmental assessments. The Lagos State Environmental Pollution Control Law requires the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning to educate the general public on the types of disposal methods acceptable by the State Government for domestic and Industrial wastes.

The FME also issues guidelines from time to time for environmental impact assessments for different industries and it also has publications which inform the public of the prohibition of environmental pollution. Furthermore, members of the public and persons requiring clarifications on environmental issues can visit the offices of the FME or the relevant State environmental agency for environment-related information.

samples of business plans in nigeria things

As stated in question 1. The different pieces of legislation on the protection of the environment contain provisions for the issuance of environmental permits. Such permits are required for all potentially environmentally sensitive activities and are typically granted by the FME and the relevant State agencies.

Specific legislation on permits include the Radioactive Waste Management Regulations which provides that any person generating or managing radioactive waste must apply for and obtain a permit from the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority; the FEPA Act and the regulations made thereunder.

Such an industry or facility shall apply to the agency for a discharge permit. Some permits are industry specific; e. All projects in the oil and gas industry must be issued with the requisite environmental permits, and failure to procure the same may lead to penalties.

Relevant state permits are also required i.

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Upon submission, the sponsor is issued an Impact Clearance Permit by the Board. In Lagos State, the LASEPA law requires any person manufacturing or storing chemicals, lubricants, petroleum products, cement and other material used in building, radioactive materials, or gases in residential or commercial areas to obtain a permit.

The permits are typically not transferable as they are project specific. Where such permits are however transferable the consent of the regulator will be required prior to any such transfer. Any entity or individual affected by a decision of an environmental regulator has a right of appeal under the relevant laws and regulations.

Nigerian law makes it mandatory for EIAs and environmental audits to be carried out by polluting industries. The practice is that an EIA report must be prepared in respect of all major projects and approved by the FME and the environmental agency of the State in Nigeria in which the project is located.

In addition, for oil and gas projects, the requisite environmental permit must be granted by the DPR.Writing a Business Plan Georgia State SBDC 2 Why Write a Business Plan? A Business Plan helps you evaluate the feasibility of a new business idea in an objective, critical, and unemotional way.

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