Types of dances essay

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Types of dances essay

The perfect specimens with attractive shapes go first to the European galleries where they command huge prices. This prompts more diligent searches at the source, usually resulting in more specimens of equal or lower quality sold into the North American markets.

They drive up the coast with their wares, and my hometown of Seattle is their turnaround point, where they like to dump what remains for what they can get, and head home with cash to buy something new.

For objects where form, style, and quality vary little, you can buy from me virtually the same objects you would get at a gallery, but for much less.

You will also find here workaday money objects that have been used as money, and show it, and are priced accordingly. I have been buying this material since the late s, so you will find here types that have become scarce in recent years as well as the latest finds.

Numerous books are cited here, which you will find described and usually offered for sale on my Numismatic References: By far the most important reference is The Perfect Form: I am gradually adding B references to the listings below, so use it as a wish-list and search this page with B catalog numbers.

Opitz's An Ethnographic Study of Traditional Money has photos and capsule descriptions of most items you will encounter, but lacks the depth many collectors wish for. Ballarini's earlier Traditional Arms has deeper coverage of Congo spear and knife monies, as do several specialized works.

Akhan weights, not present in Perfect Form are catalogued in a number of hard-fo-find works, and bracelet ring monies are covered in much greater depth in Wilfried Glar's works.

Very useful for Nigerian items are Eyo impossible to find now and Johansson. My standard answer to "How old is it? Extensive; some dubious as currency? African traders offer brass and iron items with clear decorative, religious, agricultural, or other functions as "money" and some of them probably ARE money, but without some scholarly confirmation of exchange use or wealth display, I pass them up or offer as antiquities.

To order or just inquirecopy and paste the entire line for each item into an email. I will respond with an invoice within a couple of days. Glad to take your phone order: Imagine a gallery show curated by a fanatic: The finest specimens of known currency types are collected from multiple owners, beautifully displayed and lighted.

Next, the literature, from travelers', accounts to anthropological studies to sales literature is woven together and integrated with the display. The exhibition is imaginary, of course, but the catalogue is not. The only weak areas are manillas and bracelet monies, with minimal coverage, and neither Akan goldweights well catalogued elsewhere nor metal beads are included.

All of Ballarini's former works are out of print, as are the specialized works he so ably extracts, and the collector who misses this one will surely suffer regret. Europeans may save on shipping costs by ordering from Galleria Africacurio directly.

These are from the Acheulean a-shu-lay-en tradition, ca.Did You Know? Tort came into English straight from French many centuries ago, and it still looks a little odd. Its root meaning of "twisted" (as opposed to "straight") obviously came to mean "wrong" (as opposed to "right").

Every first-year law student takes a course in the important subject of torts. types of dances Essay Types of Dance Ballroom Dance: The Ballroom dance is one of the most entertaining and elite styles of dancing.

In the earlier days, Ballroom dance was only for the privileged class of people.

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Types of dances essay

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